Conversion of a Storage Building
Project at UdK 2013
Prof. Jean-Philippe Vassal

An abondoned storage building is reused for dwelling. In order to keep the costs as low as possible, the existing structure basically remains untouched. Different facade layers and circulation systems are the main changes to be applied.

The available amount of daylight (= window area) becomes the determing factor for the new usage as habitation. Each new inhabitant will have a facade area of 12 sqm which refers to the average window area per person in a Berliner Block. Due to the huge depth of the building (45m) this goes along with an above-average size of the living area. The additional space offered to the inhabitants is comparably dark but available at a very low price.
Apartment #1

Shared appartment
facade area: 50 sqm
inhabitants: 4 persons
inhabited area: 275 sqm
shared yards: 50 sqm

Private rooms form a transparent layer close to the facade and allow light and air to reach the common living area in the center of the building.

Right side: Views from the middle of the apartment with different configurations of privacy.